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Villanova vs. La Salle: Halftime Notes

Wildcats lead La Salle 47-29 at halftime

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Some halftime notes as the 'Cats lead La Salle 47-29.

-Interesting to see how few 3-pointers the Wildcats are attempting. To this point, Nova only has 6 3-point attempts, easily one of the smallest amounts of any half this season. As a result though, the Wildcats are shooting over 50% from the field, so we'll see if this remains a constant through the second half.

-Great defense from the 'Cats remains a constant into this game. Again, Nova is forcing the opposition into bad shots and forcing numerous turnovers.

-I really like what I'm seeing from Josh Hart in this game. Coming into this season, I personally thought he would be the one who have to step up offensively to fill the role left by James Bell.

-It's been a strength offensively all season and it's continuing into this game and that's balanced scoring. No Cat is yet in double figures and everyone's chipping in scoring-wise.

-Also Villanova doing a great job of converting when they get to the free throw line. So far the 'Cats are prefect from the line, and down the line in March that could be the difference between an early exit and a deep tourney run.