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Butler Vs. Indiana State: Halftime Notes

Pretty much everything went right for the Bulldogs as they jumped out to a huge lead at the half.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

  • KAMERON WOODS DOUBLE-DOUBLE WATCH: Four points, seven rebounds. He's well on his way!
  • Has Kellen Dunham snapped out of his cold streak? 4-5 with 10 points so far. All signs point to yes.
  • Battle of the Etherington's: Butler's Austin is 1-2 with three points, Indiana State's Alex is 2-3 with five points.
  • Center Jake Kitchell has accounted for 11 of the Sycamores 22 points, he's obviously the leading scorer.
  • Butler's next matchup with an in-state opponent will be December 20 at the Crossroads Classic in Indianapolis where they'll play the Hoosiers.