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Xavier vs. FGCU: 3-Point Preview

Xavier is heading into the final Sunday of 2014 seeking a vindicating victory over Florida Gulf Coast. Whether or not that happens will depend on how the Musketeers handle their business on the defensive end.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Can Xavier play defense for 40 minutes?

Assuming no overtime, Xavier needs to lock down on defense against the FGCU Eagles. At 9-3, the Eagles are not a team to sleep on, even if their offensive and defensive ratings (based on Kenpom) aren't glowing.  With a defense festering around the 100's in team efficiency rankings, Coach Mack needs to rally the team and head into New Year's Eve with a victory and a strong showing.

Does Xavier continue their dominance at home?

Xavier, this season, has shown to be a completely different team at home than away.  Xavier needs to keep its home streak unblemished before heading into the conference schedule against Georgetown on New Year's Eve.  Look for James Farr to break out of his offensive woes in order to keep his place in the starting rotation.

Jalen Reynolds

Mr. Potential finally had a game worth noting against Auburn, scoring 16 while grabbing six boards in that double-overtime loss to the Tigers. If he can sustain those types of numbers against FGCU, Xavier should be able to pull out a victory against the Eagles.