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DePaul vs Colorado: Game Recap

DePaul falls hard in Hawaii in a game with they struggled to find any sort of rhythm throughout the entire 40 minutes.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

DePaul opened their action in the Diamond Head Classic with a blowout loss against Colorado. Here are three things we took away from the game.

Poor turnovers

-If DePaul wants to beat anyone in the Big East this year, they need to minimize their turnovers. The Demons lost the turnover battle by an 18-12 margin.

No paint presence

Rebounding will continue to haunt DePaul until Tommy Hamilton begins to dominate opposing big men down low. DePaul isn’t skilled enough to get away with sloppy rebounding.

Transition basketball

Transition basketball was non-existent for the Blue Demons on Monday. No one wanted to move up and down. I stopped counting the alley-oops and one handed dunks the Buffs were coming away with no DePaul player on the same Hawaiian island…