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Long Beach St. vs. St. John's: Halftime Notes

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

- Jamal Branch had the hot hand early on for St. John's who are without Rysheed Jordan in the lineup for tonight's game, but Chris Obekpa has taken over for St. John's

- Obekpa has been fantastic on both sites of the ball for the Johnnies, especially on defense generating pressure against the Beach underneath the basket

- St. John's has been shooting from the perimeter well, but have been slightly inconsistent from beyond the arc tonight.  So far only in 3-pointer has been made, while five have been attempted.

- Temidayo Yussuf could be a source of produce for Long Beach St. against St. John's, as he appears to have a favorable match up underneath the basket in tonight's game, however the Johnnies have been able to apply just the right amount of pressure to either force Yussuf from the paint or to limit his effectiveness

- So far St. John's have been putting the pressure on the boards against the Beach.  They have been out rebounding Long Beach St. on both sides of the ball.

- St. John's need to protect their wallet as the Beach have been able to get to the ball a few times on the transition

- The foul line is going to make or break either team tonight, so far it has been St. John's who have been able to get to the charity strike more often

Enjoy the second half!