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Miami vs. Providence: Halftime Notes

Providence and Miami are through the first 20 minutes at the Barclays Center with the game tied at 33.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
  • Kris Dunn is continuing his excellent play here in the first half. He is leading the Friars with 10 points and also has 5 assists and 3 rebounds.
  • Tyler Harris has added some productive minutes off the bench with 5 points.
  • Angel Rodriguez didn't shoot the ball exceptionally well but he has hit some tough shots, including 2 circus and 1's, and leads Miami with 11 points.
  • Tonye Jekiri was active on the offensive glass and had 6 rebounds in the first half.
  • Sheldon McClellan was fairly quiet through the first 20 minutes and finished with 6 points including the halftime buzzer beater to tie things up.