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Northern Illinois Vs. DePaul: Halftime Notes

The Blue Demons are making short work of their in-state rival, as they lead 39-28 at the half

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

  • SOMEONE BROKE MYKE HENRY: 2-7 with four points so far and a rebound.. A far cry from his 29 point outburst against Stanford on Sunday
  • Billy Garrett is having his best game of the season so far, offensively. 3-3 with nine points
  • For NIU it's been the Darrell Bowie Show: 4-5 with nine points and six rebounds so far.
  • DePaul's doing a fine job forcing turnovers, they're just not capitalizing on them, which is a change from Sunday against Stanford.
  • For DePaul last win over a team that plays in the state of Illinois, you have to all the way back to November 14, 2014, when they beat the UIC Flames. Things were different back then. Gas was still over $3 a gallon.