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Seton Hall Progress Report: Week 3

With the Pirates sitting at 5-0 and one of the last two undefeated teams in the Big East, here are the Hall’s grades for each player.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

After going 2-0 over the week and winning the Paradise Jam, here are the updated report cards for week three. In order of highest to lowest grade, here is how the Pirates stack up individually.

Angel Delgado: A-

Delgado struggled, but still pulled down seven rebounds against Illinois State and then followed it up with a double-double in the win over George Washington. He is showing on both ends of the floor that he can be effective. The Achilles’ heel for Delgado has continued to be his free throw shooting and he missed both of his attempts once again on Saturday. Despite that, his positives certainly outweigh the negatives and that is why he stays at the head of the class.

Sterling Gibbs: A-

The 40 points that "Stepback" had against Illinois State was one of the ages, but his grade holds because of the performance against GW. Gibbs fell off a little bit to make room for Isaiah Whitehead to shine and he still finished with 11 points, with the majority coming from the free throw line. This was a down game for "Stepback," but in the end it did not hurt him because he still showed leadership on the court. When he is not scoring it would be nice if he could fill up the stat sheet in other ways, but the Hall still got the win.

Isaiah Whitehead: B+

Whitehead scored a combined 33 points in his last two games as he played well in the Paradise Jam final and finished with a career-high 18 points. He followed that up by leading the way for the Hall against GW, but 5-15 shooting from the floor is not going to get it done. The improvement that he has shown does land Whitehead with a much better mark than last week and as long as he is improving the Pirates will be in good shape.

Brandon Mobley: B

Mobley did not play great in the Paradise Jam final, but bounced back against the Colonials. The senior was solid with 14 points, five rebounds and down the stretch kept his team focused and in the moment as they finished off GW. Mobley really has matured this season and that has been one of the keys to this great start.

Desi Rodriguez: B-

Rodriguez played 17 minutes, but only scored four points against GW. He did hit the two big free throws that helped to seal the victory, but after the 15 and nine performance against Gardner-Webb, the bar is a little higher for D-Rod. Against The Mount he should bounce back.

Jaren Sina: C

After making some big shots against Illinois State, Sina missed all of his shots against GW and that is why he drops a letter grade this week. It is very important for Sina to hit those corner three pointers when he is open. The other problem with Sina is that he is still trying to implement driving to the basket into his arsenal and that has not worked out yet. If he can be a little bit less dependent on the three pointer he will likely get more open looks.

Khadeen Carrington: C

Carrington is still a question mark because he is not in basketball shape yet and it showed in both of the games. He only tallied five points and struggled shooting from the field. If he gets back into shape soon, look out, because this team will become extremely tough to stop on offense with him slashing inside.

Rashed Anthony: D

After playing pretty well last week, Anthony’s minutes took a dip this week and he only recorded two rebounds in 18 minutes of play. Anthony will only play when Delgado and Mobley get into foul trouble so unless that happens expect to hear from him even less.

Haralds Karlis: D

Karlis did not play at all against GW and as the season goes on he will likely play even less barring multiple players getting into foul trouble. After only getting 12 minutes of run this week without a single point, it does not look good for the senior as far as playing time.

Stephane Manga: D

Manga is in the same boat as Karlis and Anthony. He scored two points against GW, but only played a total of nine minutes in the two wins. The France international is very athletic, but will not see consistent time unless he can develop a jump shot and that does not look like it will happen any time soon.

The Blue and White are about to enter a difficult part of the schedule, so it will be all hands on deck if they want to keep this winning streak alive.