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Radford Vs Georgetown: Halftime Notes

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown is being aggressive

Georgetown is being aggressive at the start of the game and are not taking a lot of jumpshots, which is good because they are displaying some great passing, especially freshman point guard Tre Campbell, who hit two backdoor passes to Aaron Bowen. Georgetown has been getting in the paint the early, which is paying off because the defense is really playing well. Not a bad way to start the game off for a team that is coming off a loss to a nationally ranked team.

Mikael Hopkins defensive intensity

Hopkins has been a force this season on the defensive end, and it's has been good so far. MIkael Hopkins had some good blocks and has been rebounding the ball really well. He is making an impact because Radford has not been attacking lately. With Joshua Smith out, he has been doing a great job to hold the paint down with his length. Hopkins has forced the players who drive the ball to pass it, which is a good thing because they do not want to give up easy baskets. Hopkins has been really solid around the rim

Turnovers has not been a issue

As everyone knows, Georgetown turns the ball over a lot, but in the first half, they have not had many silly turnovers that would make someone shake their head. They have been forcing turnovers also, which is good, but they can not have 19 turnovers in one game like they did against Kansas and the issue looks like it has been fixed, even though they have 8 turnovers, but things happen. It has not been a lot of silly turnovers only things such as out of bounds. Georgetown will need to continue to not turn the ball over.

Aaron Bowen bench production

Aaron Bowen has been playing really well in the first half with the aggressiveness and the way he has been hustling. Bowen leads all scorers with 6 points, but it has been a very balanced scoring attack. There may be some starting lineup changes in the second half and Bowen may be inserted in. Bowen has been making a presence, which is good because Georgetown has a ton of depth and it has been paying off.