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DePaul vs. George Washington: Halftime Notes

DePaul trails George Washington at halftime by a score of 42-22.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


  • DePaul's frontcourt is just allowing George Washington to walk all over them.  The Colonials have a clear strategy of driving the lane, which is working to their advantage in large ways.
  • Turnovers have become endemic for both of these teams, which is odd, since the name of DePaul's defense is forcing turnovers without allowing too many of them.  DePaul has forced 7 turnovers, but their offense isn't making up for it.  They're settling for too many outside shots.
  • Kevin Larsen has been an offensive beast for George Washington.  The forward has scored 11 points at halftime and is shooting a high percentage from the field.  DePaul has yet to find an answer for him.
  • Jamee Crockett has impacted play on both sides of the court so far.  He hasn't scored an insane amount (7 points), but he has managed to work hard to get back on defense and force a few steals himself.  He's the only bit of consistency carrying over from the DePaul team that we've seen in recent games.
  • DePaul's key players are managing to rack up fouls with reckless abandon.  The Blue Demons have spread out fouls among Tommy Hamilton and Myke Henry, who both have 2, while Crockett, Billy Garrett, and Forrest Robinson each have one.
  • The Blue Demons' offense is essentially nonexistent so far tonight.  DePaul has been turning it over on an exorbitant amount of possessions.  All the while, they haven't been able to find any semblance of a rhythm, only shooting around 35%.  Compared to the 50% they typically shoot, as well as the 60% that George Washington is hitting, that 35% is what has allowed the Colonials to break this game wide open and take the reins from DePaul's hands.