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DePaul vs. George Washington: 3-Point Preview

DePaul takes its talents on the road this week for a Diamond Head Classic matchup with George Washington.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

First True Road Test

This will be the first true road game of the season for the DePaul Blue Demons.  DePaul played at Chicago State earlier in the season, but that's hardly a road game, as they are only tens of miles away from Rosemont.  George Washington, however, is located in Washington D.C., meaning that DePaul will have to make the several states-long trek to the Charles E. Smith Center.  The Colonials are a pretty big force in mid-major basketball, so the environment is sure to be hostile.  This game will be a great litmus test for how DePaul will fare later on in the season in other volatile atmospheres.

Box Out

DePaul has been completely destroyed when it comes to rebounding in recent games.  Since DePaul plays a man defense that is very tough and physical, they are rarely spending enough time down low to get a solid amount of rebounds.  This fact has led to opponents having a field day, continually racking up numbers in the second-chance points column.  That statistic itself is one of the reasons why DePaul has managed to leave the outcomes of games subject to change, despite holding large leads.  George Washington is also an excellent rebounding team, meaning that DePaul will have their work cut out for them.  The Colonials are too good to allow them 2 or 3 shots in each possession. The Blue Demons have plenty of size and ability to rebound, it's simply a matter of ensuring that if an opponent launches a shot, that must be the end of said opponent's possession.

Diamonds are Forever

This game is the first for DePaul in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic.  It's a non-bracketed game, however, but it is going to still be an important game for DePaul, as it would be a road win against a solid team.  With that loss against Lehigh, DePaul is happy to take resume wins as they come.  This tournament will be chock-full of teams who would be able to fill out DePaul's resume if they manage to get a few wins.  The first bracketed game in the tournament for DePaul is against Colorado, but this matchup serves as a precursor of what is to come.