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Halftime Notes: Georgetown trails Kansas 34-32

Georgetown is doing really well on the defensive side of the ball, which has allowed them to stay in the game. Also the offensive has done some good things

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown turnover problems

Georgetown has had a lot of turnovers in the first half, and Kansas has took advantage of those. The Hoyas gave the ball away six times. Against a Kansas team with this much fire power, this can not happen. Some of the turnovers have been silly, such as not catching the ball, or making unnecessary plays before letting the play open up. Georgetown will need to limit this if they want to have a chance to win because the way this is looking, Georgetown is not looking good.

Rebounding problems have not hurt them

The rebounding problems Georgetown had had against some of the previous teams that are not on the same level as Kansas are catching up to them. They need to box out because Kansas is taking advantage of every chance they get to score. They can not give Kansas easy chances to score if they want to this to be a competitive game going into the second half. It did get better going in towards halftime, which is good. Georgetown needs to stay as close as possible.

Defensive battle for both teams
In the first couple of minutes in the game, it looked like that this game will be over quick because of the turnovers that Kansas were forcing, but with about 6 minutes or so left, Georgetown started to pick the defensive intensity up and have been making smart plays on the ball. They also have been forcing turnovers. With about 2:34 left, Kansas had nine turnovers and Georgetown did also. It is important for both teams to play well on the defensive end, but Georgetown can't turn the ball over because they will allow many chances and Kansas will convert also. Georgetown and Kansas only had one turnover each since then. Both teams have 10 turnovers.

Peak is getting back into normal form
Over the past few games, LJ Peak has not been scoring a lot and many people will say that it is affecting him on both sides of the ball. But tonight he has made a few momentum plays that has got the crowd into it, and also has helped him play better on the defense, which is good because Georgetown needs his presence. Georgetown will continue to feed off the energy that he brings with his scoring and defense.