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Halftime Notes: Lehigh vs. DePaul

The Blue Demons' quest for a perfect season has hit a snag as the winless Lehigh has beaten them down in the first half.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

  • Not to make excuses for the Demons, who have been awful so far, but this is their first game since the start of winter break/end of autumn exams. It's evident by their 30.3% shooting percentage that they seem mentally out of it.
  • To borrow a line from Lovie Smith and the Chicago media, Tommy Hamilton has been two different people this season: "Good Tommy" and "Bad Tommy". You never quite know which one will show up, but tonight it has been "Bad Tommy". 3-8 with seven points. Though, to his credit, he's the only player not named Myke Henry or Darrick Wood  to hit a shot.
  • Speaking of Myke Henry, he has been the lone first half bright spot for DePaul: he's 5-7 with 13 points, and has five rebounds to go along with it. with eight minutes to play in the first half, Henry was shooting 4-4. The rest of the team combined? 1-16.
  • Of course, it's not fair to discredit Lehigh. They've been very sharp in all facets. 14-25 from the field including 7-11 from long range. Their leading scorer is senior guard Corey Schaefer, who is 4-6 with 11 points.