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St. John's vs. Minnesota: Halftime Notes

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

- This is St. John's first real test of the season, though they did run into some trouble in their last game against LIU, the Johnnies now have to contend against last season's NIT champions on the court in MSG.

- Minnesota towards the middle of the end of the first half want on a 14-3 run as a result of St. John's impatient on the offense as the guards for the Johnnies have shown some offensive impatient in just shooting instead of setting up a play of going to down below to Chris Obekpa.

- Obekpa also has been a presence for the Johnnies down below and appears to be uncontested for the most part underneath the basket, something that St. John's must use to their advantage in the second half of the game.

- The guard play in general tonight for St. John's has been a bit shallow against the play of Minnesota, they've been relying more on shooting than creating potential chances.

- Minnesota's play in the middle of the half is what has tipped the balance, especially after overcoming some early misdeeds on offense.

- The big boom for Minnesota has been 6-11 from 3-point shooting compared to St. John's 0-9 from the perimeter.

- At the end of the first half its 31-40, Minnesota.

Enjoy the Second Half!