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Michigan vs. Villanova: Halftime Notes

Villanova uses a late run and leads Michigan 27-20 at halftime.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It may not be pretty, but the Villanova WIldcats used a late run to take a 27-20 lead into half-time. Here are couple notes from the first half.

- I should literally program one letter on my keyboard and when I hit it, it'll automatically type the words "improve from 3-point range." Once again it has to be the top priority in the second half, or else the team needs to depend on it less. In the first half, the 'Cats went 3-10 from beyond the arc, and it's becoming a trend that will lose them games in Amrch.

- There has to be more of an attempt to go inside. As will be the case many times this season, Villanova is far and away dominant inside and until Nova plays the likes of Kentucky or Wisconsin, they need to abuse that advantage inside.

- Usually, I'm not a fan of the crosscourt pass, but this is a rare exception. Michigan is overcommitting defensively when the ball is on one side of the court, and the skip passes have been working perfectly so far. This is still a young and relatively undisciplined Michigan team defensively, so the crosscourt pass has been effective and should continue to be effective for Nova.

- Already two backcourt violations, that's absolutely unacceptable because those are unforced turnovers. Seven total at half-time after committing only nine total against the "Havoc" defense, need to drink that special stuff again to hang onto the ball in the second half.

- Great defense down the stretch by the 'Cats.

- What a great to end the half though, on a 9-0 run. When we look back on the game, the last stretch of the first half could be what won this game for Villanova.

- Have to get Pinkston and Hilliard more involved offensively. Villanova may have the lead now, but I don't think the Wildcats can hold this lead another 20 minutes with those two players scoreless.

Should be a great second half!