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Seton Hall Progress Report: Week 2

With the Pirates sitting at 3-0 and looking to take home the Paradise Jam title, here are Sean Saint Jacques’ grades for each player to this point.

In order of highest to lowest grade, he is how the Pirates have looked through two weeks.

Angel Delgado: A

We have heard Coach Kevin Willard compare Delgado to Dennis Rodman and he has looked the part so far. Delgado has averaged just over 10 rebounds a game through the first three outings including a double-double against Gardner-Webb. Seton Hall fans have forgotten about Eugene Teague and are loving the athleticism and tenacity that Delgado gives this team. If he improves his free throw shooting a plus could go next to that A.

Sterling Gibbs: A-

Despite taking low percentage shots at times, "Stepback," is the Pirates’ leading scorer through the first three games with 16 points per game and has emerged as a leader on the team early on in this season. Gibbs just needs to work on driving to the basket more, drawing fouls and getting to the line. When he settles for threes, Gibbs can get off track a little bit, but for now he is in good shape.

Brandon Mobley: B+

Mobley opened with a fantastic performance against Mercer as he put up 19 points and nine rebounds. In the following two games, the senior has scored a combine 17 points, including getting into foul trouble and being held to just five points against Gardner-Webb. With that being said, Mobley’s leadership has been huge for Willard’s bunch so far.

Jaren Sina: B

Sina’s main objective is to hit three point shots and he has done just that so far this season. It seems that anytime Sina is open in the corner he is knocking down a three point shot. He is shooting 40 percent from behind the arc and has even tallied a few rebounds in the process. If Sina can drive into the paint a little bit more and improve his ball handling he could be a nice piece on this team.

Desi Rodriguez: B-

After scoring just four points in the first two contests, Rodriguez broke out with a 15 point nine rebound game against the Runnin’ Bulldogs. He showed his athleticism with a nasty dunk and could really be a spark off the bench, especially with Mobley or Delgado get into foul trouble as was the case against Gardner-Webb.

Khadeen Carrington: B-

Carrington has looked rusty through the first three games, but that is to be expected as he is still trying to get back into game shape after being tested for a heart murmur during the offseason. With all of that considered, he has done his part. As the season rolls on expect Carrington to develop into a strong player.

Rashed Anthony: B-

The stat sheet is not why Anthony’s grade is this high. He has stepped in, used his five fouls and has been able to give the major frontcourt players some breaks. This has been important to the success of the team and he should be rewarded for doing his job.

Isaiah Whitehead: C

"Average," would be one word to describe Whitehead so far this season and that is not what the Hall expected when he signed. The Pirates are still winning without him and Whitehead is showing that he can drive and dish effectively. However, until he scores at a high level, we will not satisfied with his play.

Stephane Manga: C-

In the minutes that Manga has played he has made a few plays, but he is not expected to have a major role on the team. As long as he can play solid defense and give the major minute guys a breather he will get his chances. If can make a basket or two a game that would be fantastic.

Haralds Karlis: C-

Karlis made a big three at the end of the first half against Mercer, but other than that has not been effective and is not expected to play big minutes. He is in the same situation as Manga. If Karlis can just take advantage of the opportunities given to him by Coach Willard, he will be appreciated by the fans.

Ismael Sanogo: D

The "D" for Sanogo stands for "does not play." Through the first three games we have not seen much from him and really do not expect to see him get major minutes. In his limited time on the court Sanogo has not had enough time to display his skill set. For now, Sanogo is a no go until Willard uses him more, but again it is not because he does not have talent.

These grades could change quickly. For now, the Pirates have to be happy with where they are at through three games and two weeks.