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Georgetown Progress Report: Week 2

Devonte Brooks breaks down the Hoyas through the first two weeks of the season.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After three wins in their first three games, Georgetown has played well as a team, but some players have stood out in all more consistently than others

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera: C+

Smith-Rivera has not been scoring that much, and has been a little inconsistent, but against Robert Morris, he played an all around game with 12 points, seven rebounds, and six assists. In the other games, he was passing the ball, but was not scoring. Against Texas A&M Corpus Christi, he sat out the second half because John Thompson III thought he was not playing well and other players were playing better when they had time on the floor. On the positive side, he has been taking good shots, but they are not just not falling. His rebounding has been exceptional so far.

LJ Peak: A

Peak has been doing a great job so far this season as a freshman. As a freshman, he is averaging 15 points a game. In the first game against St. Francis Brooklyn, he scored 23 points and was a perfect 9-for-9 from the field. He has  played a huge part in the Hoyas getting to 3-0. In the second game, he was effective, but did not score as much because shots were not falling. Peak is a natural scorer, but he has been playing very well on the defensive side of the ball and has been productive the first three games. Peak will need to continue to score and play good defense as Georgetown schedule continues to get tougher.

Jabril Trawick: B

Trawick has not been scoring much,  but the reason he gets this grade is because he has been vocal on the floor and productive in other ways. He has been rebounding and getting his teammates involved. The best scoring game he had so far was against St.Francis Brooklyn when he had 11 points. Trawick will get going and it will start against  Florida in the Battle 4 Alantis tournament. His lack of scoring has not been affecting his defense which is promising for Georgetown.

Mikael Hopkins: A

Hopkins has been by the far the best Georgetown player. He has been active on both sides of the ball. Hopkins is not known for scoring, he is averaging 6.7 points and 9.0 rebounds a game, but his toughness he brings in the paint is the thing that stands out to me. Hopkins has 10 rebounds in two of the three games so far. A lot of Hoyas are crashing the boards, but he is doing it on a consistent basis.

Joshua Smith: B

Smith has looked good these past two games. In the first game, he really played below expectations and that is why he gets a B. In the past two games, he has had over 20 points and 10 rebounds after John Thompson III called his performance "unacceptable", and Smith realized that because having 2 rebounds with his size is not good on his resume. But he is demanding the ball and taking advantage of the size against the players who are guarding him Smith will be challenged down the road, but with some tough tests coming up in the Bahamas, he will need to continue to play to a high level to help his team win.

Aaron Bowen: B

Bowen has been playing well on both sides of the ball coming off the bench. His defense and energy have been the things I have been watching closely. Bowen is not the type of player that will surprise someone on the offense, but when he plays defesne, he does with a high effort level and he has made an impact for this team. As John Thompson III said, he can make an impact like Patrick Ewing Jr, who was Sixth Man of the year when he was at Georgetown.

Tre Campbell: B

Campbell has been playing at a high level because he has a lot of responsibilities on the floor. Campbell has been handling the offensive responsibilities well and also he has been playing good defense and pressuring the opposing guards. Campbell does not need to score, but when he plays good defense, he has also been scoring. The way he runs the offense with veteran players is exceptional.

Isaac Copeland: B

Copeland has been playing well on the offense and defense. He has been making an impact on the defensive side of the ball and he is getting comfortable in the offense coming off the bench. Copeland has been shooting the mid-range jumper and it's been falling for him. He has been impressive so far and he will need to continue that play heading into this tournament.

Paul White: B

White has been playing well on defense because his length is affecting opponents. White has not been scoring as much, but that is not affecting his play. White will continue to improve, but his jumpshot in the mid-range area is one thing that people should watch out for as the season progresses. He has been doing that things that are not shown on the stat sheet.