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Halftime Notes: Loyola vs. Butler

Nearly everything went right for the Bulldogs as they jumped out to a huge lead at the half.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

  • In Butler's two games before today, they had a great first half and a terrible first half. Today was another great one. They shot 55% from the field, only have three turnovers and three personal fouls, and most of all, THEY'RE 6-7 FROM THE FREE THROW LINE!!!!
  • Butler was led by an unlikely player in the first half. Freshman Kelan Martin has 13 points and also grabbed five rebounds. He's also made three shots from beyond the arc.
  • Kameron Woods Double-Double Watch (This is a thing I'm starting): six points, five rebounds. He's on his way
  • For Loyola, it's been all Eric Laster. the junior guard has 10 of the Greyhounds' 18 points.
  • Butler Blue Picture of the Day: