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Seton Hall vs. Gardner-Webb: 3-Point Preview

The Pirates look to advance to the title game of the Virgin Islands Paradise Classic as they take on Gardner-Webb. We knock down a jumper with a hand in our face and give you three points that you need to know heading into this matchup.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Leadership from Gibbs and Mobley has been vital

In the first two games for the Pirates this season, it has been the upperclassman who have really stepped up. Against Mercer, "Step Back" Sterling Gibbs and Brandon Mobley combined to score 36 points in the opening night win. In the win over Nevada, Gibbs and Mobley were at it again as they both put together strong second halves. They would finish with 27 points for the game between the two of them.

It is clear with the early struggles of Isaiah Whitehead that coach Kevin Willard has relied on his veterans for leadership and the workload. This method has paid off so far, but with more difficult competition ahead, the roles of Gibbs and Mobley will continue to increase as the freshman try to improve their games.

Clemson’s head coach forces C-Webb to relive his greatest blunder

Two names have taken over the headlines at the Paradise Jam and both of them have not even scored a basket. Heck, one of them is not even there, he is back here on the mainland.

Their names? Brad Brownell and Chris Webber.

Clemson coach Brad Brownell, in the opening game of the Paradise Jam ended up costing his team a chance to win with the game tied at 70 against the Bulldogs. Brownell called a timeout with about five seconds left in the game. Only one problem, his team did not have any left and that is a technical foul. The Bulldogs hit both of the free throws and pulled off the upset.

Sound familiar? That is because way back in 1993, on a much bigger stage in the National Championship game against North Carolina, former Michigan Wolverines’ star Chris Webber did the same thing to lose the title game. If you do not recall, Webber, after he got away with a clear traveling violation, dribbled the ball up the court with 11 seconds to go and his team trailing by two points. He would fall into the Tar Heel’s corner trap and then, in a panic, called a timeout. Michigan, however, had no timeouts remaining and after UNC hit the technical free throws, the game was essentially over. It is known as one of the most infamous mistakes in college sports history.

To this day, Webber has not publicly addressed it to anyone, not even his own teammates or as many know them the rest of, "The Fab 5."

It must have been tough for C-Webb to have relive it, especially after a team with the name, "Webb," reaped the benefits of a similar mistake.

Putting the pieces together

For the Pirates to improve, they are looking for their young talent to continue to develop. Isaiah Whitehead is still coming around along and so is Desi Rodriguez. Khadeen Carrington has looked pretty good and Angel Delgado has been great on the boards through the first two games. If Coach Willard’s freshmen can develop on the court, coupled with his team playing a full 40 minutes, could lead the Hall to a good season. If the win over Nevada is any indication, the Pirates need to finish games stronger.