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ICYMI: Blake Griffin just can't beat Doug McDermott this week

Dougie Fresh 3, Blake Griffin 0.

Very rarely do you see an NBA rookie getting the best of a vet. But three times in a week, Mr. Griffin?

Creighton alum and Bulls forward Doug McDermott pulled off a troll trifecta this week. His victim? Clippers star Blake Griffin.

The Bulls kicked off their annual circus road trip Monday against Lob City. Rapper Kid Ink was there to show out and posed for pictures with Griffin and Chris Paul. But one of these things is not like the other...

Blake tried to push the rookie out of the way, but he couldn't stop the Mc-Photobomb.

He hasn't looked that happy since his 4th grade picture day.

Sure, McDermott went scoreless in 10 minutes while Griffin put up a double-double, but that's irrelevant in the end. McDermott's Bulls got the 105-89 win over Blake's Clippers.

But Dougie Fresh's week of winning doesn't stop there. In a battle of alma maters, McDermott's Creighton Bluejays overcame an 18-point deficit to stun Griffin's Oklahoma Sooners, 65-63. Doug celebrated with a little tweet towards his buddy Blake.

Photobomb? Check.
NBA win? Check.
College bragging rights??? Checkmate.

Don't stop being you, Doug McDermott.