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Marquette vs. Ohio State: Halftime Notes

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The long-ball was the story of the first half.

In the first 10 minutes, Marquette shot a mere 25 percent from beyond the arc, while Ohio State went 7-12. After makes, Ohio State applied a half-court press that led to some confusion on the offensive end for Marquette. After getting trapped in the backcourt, Juan Anderson was forced to call timeout to avoid a backcourt violation.

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Once Marquette got in their half-court offense, they were able to get a couple of good looks down low. Steve Taylor Jr. has 10 points making him the leading scorer of the first half for both teams.

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Marquette has only nine available players which has played a role early on. Only eight players played in the first half and none of the bench players scored. Look for the scoring to come from Matt Carlino and Steve Taylor Jr. in the second half.

Both teams turned the ball over quite a bit, but it was Ohio State allowing MU to hang in with its 13 turnovers.

Marquette struggled with its transition defense, something Wojo will look to fix at the half. If the Golden Eagles fix that and Ohio State doesn't shoot nearly 60 percent from deep, and I don't think they will, Marquette can get right back in the game.