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Drake Vs. DePaul halftime notes

Durrell McDonald has led the charge for the Blue Demons as they lead Drake 38-25 at the half.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

  • Durrell McDonald has been terrific thus far, netting six points, grabbing two rebounds, dishing out three assists, and recording a block and a steal. On a bit of an off night for Tommy Hamilton IV, it's nice to see other Blue Demons step up.
  • Speaking of Tommy Hamilton IV having an off night, he's 1-6 with three points, four rebounds, and three turnovers, along with three fouls.
  • DePaul will look to start the season 2-0 for just the second time since Oliver Purnell took over as head coach prior to the 2010-2011 season.
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  • Drake made a late charge in the final eight minutes of the half, going on a 10-1 run at one point, before DePaul figured it back out and got the lead back to 13.