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St. Francis vs. Georgetown: Halftime Notes

The Georgetown Hoyas lead the St. Francis (NY) Terriers 37-31 at halftime and LJ Peak is part of the reason why.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
- L.J. Peak is looking really good, and the one thing that he is doing well is pushing the ball and attacking the basket. He leads all Hoyas with 12 points. His defense is looking really good. Peak is 4-4 from the free throw line and 3-5 from the field. He also hit a three at one point in the half, but he is going to keep getting to the basket and will continue to attack.

- D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera is looking good also with six points, but he is only 1-7 from the field this afternoon and that will need to change because he is a better player than the way he is playing. Smith-Rivera is doing a lot of the small things such as passing the ball, playing tight on the ball defense on Brant Jones. Something else he will need to do in the second half is to play more efficiently, and with a pace because that will allow him to score more. He does look confident also, which is a good thing. Smith-Rivea has seven rebounds and four assists, so at least other areas are clicking for him.

- Joshua Smith in his first game since January 2014 has four points, but the small things that he is doing are standing out, as he's been good on the rebounding end and stout defensively. If he continues to play good defense and be more assertive on the offensive side of the ball, his points will start to come. Smith is trying to force it a little too much. The only thing he needs to do is play smart basketball. He does not look like he is drained and he looks like he is in great phpysical shape.

- One thing to note is that four out of the five freshmen took the floor in the first half, and that is something that head coach John Thompson III emphasized at media day. Tre Campbell, Isaac Copeland, and Paul White are looking really good alongside Peak, of course. They are looking really smooth, even though they are not doing as much as everyone else.