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Northern Arizona vs. Xavier: 3-Point Preview

After some initial lackluster play against Northwood earlier this year, does Xavier stamp an exclamation point to start the season? Rob Park has 3 storylines to watch for in their season opener.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the starters for the Musketeers?

In the glorified scrimmage against Northwood, Chris Mack started a lineup of Dee Davis, Brandon Randolph, Trevon Bluiett, James Farr, and Matt Stainbrook. Randolph and Farr starting came as a surprise to many due to the expectations surrounding Indiana transfer Remy Abell and big man Jalen Reynolds. Randolph and Farr were lackluster, to say the least, against Northwood, with Randolph going 0-8 shooting on the court and Farr going 0-1. Whether or not James Farr and Brandon Randolph stay in the starting rotation will be intriguing to see.

Will Xavier utilize their frontcourt this season?

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Xavier under Coach Mack has been mostly all about the backcourt, with guards who had a knack for scoring. This season, the strength will be down low on the block with Matt Stainbrook and Jalen Reynolds. Xavier doesn’t have a go-to guard this season, with their best perimeter threat being the heralded freshman Trevon Bluiett. With arguable the best center in the Big East, will Coach Mack ride the "Stain Train" to the round of 64?

Does Xavier use depth?

Xavier has depth this season, something Coach Mack has never really had in his career as the Musketeer’s coach.  It will be a good sign for the Musketeers if Xavier rotates 10 players for sizable minutes to start of the season.