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Big East media news: Announce teams revealed for first weekend of games

Michael Heiman

The announce teams for the first weekend of Big East college basketball games has been revealed. Per a FOX Sports press release, the full slate is no longer under wraps, and from the looks of it, there are very few surprises.

Here the teams are, in full, with their corresponding game:

NJIT vs. St. John's Justin Kutcher, Jim Spanarkel
Northern Arizona vs. Xavier Steve Physioc, Tarik Turner
Lehigh vs. No. 12 Villanova Scott Graham, Bob Wenzel
Central Arkansas vs. Creighton Mike Corey, Nick Bahe
UT Martin vs. Marquette Wayne Larrivee, Dickey Simpkins
UIC vs. DePaul Jeff Levering, Corey Williams
St. Francis (NY) vs. Georgetown Scott Graham, Ron Thompson
Maine vs. Butler Steve Physioc, Tarik Turner
Albany vs. Providence Brian Custer, Vin Parise
Mercer vs. Seton Hall Justin Kutcher, Jim Spanarkel
Chicago State vs. Creighton Mike Corey, Nick Bahe

Justin Kutcher appears to be the man in the NY/NJ area for the moment, and good ol' Wayne Larrivee is continuing to be stationed up in Wisconsin. Other than that, as noted before, none of this is all that surprising.

We'll have consistent media updates for you the rest of the season. Stay tuned, folks.