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Profiling Markelle Fultz Part 2: A Q&A with the Class of 2016 Guard

In part two of our profile on Markelle Fultz, Devonte Brooks sits down and conducts a Q&A with the Maryland native.

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Devonte Brooks: You have been playing on the junior varsity level for two years, and this is your first year playing varsity. What's the transition been like so far?

Markelle Fultz: I really think playing freshmen and junior varsity help me prepare for varsity and so far I have been doing great on varsity and think I can Contribute A lot this year and think I am ready for the competition on the varsity level

Brooks: In what ways do you expect to contribute? I know that you're a good 3-point shooter.

Fultz: I think that I can be a big threat on both offense and defense. My versatility lets me play anything from the 1 to the 3, and am a really good rebounder.

Brooks: Let's talk about the spring and summer. Go in depth of how everything started and when everything started to explode for you.

Fultz: It really started after the Blue Devils squad made it to the championship game, and fell short in the Pitt Jam Fest. But that tournament caused a lot of coaches to start showing interest in me in the team and it really started blowing up After we went to Atlanta for a tournament, and I did my thing, I picked up a lot more interest and started to get more offers and I just kept working. More offers and interest came on throughout the end of the summer during open gym sessions.

Brooks: What was one of the highlights of your summer?

Fultz: That's a tough question, but I would say winning both summer leagues we were in for DeMatha, as well as making it to the championship game in Pittsburgh with the Blue Devils.

Brooks: What impact has Mike Jones on had you? I know he has known you before you even attending DeMatha.

Fultz: He has had a great impact on me! I have been going to DeMatha Basketball Camp since I was seven years old, and I have just been improving my game ever since. I got to DeMatha he has been pushing me in everything I do

Brooks: What is one motto you have live by?

Fultz: The one motto I go by is "hard Work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard."

Brooks: How much contact has Xavier had with you since they offered you?

Fultz: I have been in the contact with them a lot, and I also have a good relationship with them thus far.

Brooks: The latest offers you have received are from George Mason, Cincinnati, and Maryland, which was a huge offer. What are your thoughts on getting a offer from a school that is literally walking distance from your high school?

Fultz: It was big to pick up an offer from The University of Maryland. I was just truly happy when their coach told me they were offering me.

Brooks: Outside of basketball this summer, what did you do?

Fultz: Nothing. My whole summer has been basketball because thats what I love.

Brooks: What do you want to major in college?

Fultz: I want to major in accounting.

Brooks: What are your goals for this school season?

Fultz: To win the WCAC Championship and make First Team All-Met.

Brooks: What do you like doing on your free time?

Fultz: Hanging out with my friends and going to football games or ride bikes.

Brooks: I know you love the WCAC. What makes it stand out from any other conference in your mind?

Fultz: Above all, the competition.