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Big East Coast Bias is Looking For New Writers

Join us for the upcoming 2014 college basketball season!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the low down.

My name is Christopher Novak, the managing editor for Big East Coast Bias. And we want you, yes you, to join our team here at BECB. Over the last year, we've done a great job in bringing the latest and greatest in all things Big East basketball. Not only do I want to stay on that course, but I want to make it even better. We have a great assembly of writers, but we can also look for more.


So now that I've sold you on Big East Coast Bias, here's the gist of what I'm looking for:

1) Dependability - SBNation is one of the most popular and frequently visited sites in the U.S. As part of the SBN family, we want to keep that going and to do that, we're not only looking for writers that are talented, but writers who can be dependable. During the fall a lot may be asked of you and the work rate will increase. You'll have to eventually write game previews, game recaps, and a host of other things as well. If you want to become a contributor here at Big East Coast Bias, that's fantastic. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. So when applying, be sure with yourself that you can give this site all that you're capable of doing.

2) Experience - If you're a new writer getting yourself into the fold, I'm absolutely willing to give you an opportunity here at Big East Coast Bias. This kind of platform can give you anything and everything that you can possibly imagine. But experience won't hurt you either. If you've written for a school newspaper or a sports blog, that's great. If you've covered events for your school, whether it's high school or college, or even at the professional level, that's great, too. Oh, and AP Style is a big thing too. We're a frequently visited site and part of a frequently visited network, so it's best to be as professional as can be. So when applying, feel free to send some type of resumé that you have along. Or, if that's not your style, just tell me what you've done. Don't stress yourself out, folks.

3) Interest in College Basketball - This one's the easiest of them all, right? If you're looking to write for a college hoops site, you've got to be well invested with it too. I'm looking for those who have a great passion for college hoops. Those who spend time watching it weekly. Those who know what the terms "Big Monday" and "Super Tuesday" refer to. And, of course, "ONIONS!"

Additionally, while it won't necessarily hurt you if you don't bring these to the table, having fandom or interest in the following teams is very much preferred right now:

  • Butler
  • Creighton
  • Marquette
  • Seton Hall
  • St. John's
  • Villanova

Also, having an interest in recruiting is great as well.

So all in all, a qualified candidate for the position should look like this:
- A wealth of knowledge for the sport of college basketball
- A high level of enthusiasm for both college basketball and writing
- The ability to meet deadlines
- Strong communication skills
- High dependability
- Some to moderate experience in writing

I can also say that if you are in this or trying to be in this for monetary reasons, Big East Coast Bias is not the place for you. So when applying, be sure you have enough passion and determination to write and contribute to the site for reasons that aren't simply dedicated to finances.


So, if none of this has scared you off, and if you're interested in becoming a writer for Big East Coast Bias, shoot me an e-mail at, preferably with a writing sample or two, or even three.

We're looking to make Big East Coast Bias the best college basketball site around! So please, why don't you come to be a part of it?