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Butler coaching news: Interim coach Holtmann "doesn't know" how long he'll be coaching Bulldogs

"I can honestly tell you I don't know," Holtmann told Michael Pointer of The Indianapolis Star, "I've had other people ask me that and all I can say is, 'I don't know.' As far as I know, I'm going to be the head coach today and tomorrow. That's all I really know."

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Grant Halverson

The Indianapolis Star has an interesting look at Butler interim head coach Chris Holtmann in Monday's edition. In addition to the above quote about not knowing how long he will be coaching the team, Holtmann also adds, "I'm trying to literally stay in the moment each day".

The article goes on to discuss how if Holtmann does end up coaching the entire season, it could be looked at as an "audition" of sorts, for Holtmann to take over on a full-time basis.

The article is definitely worth a read and brings up a lot of interesting points.

Holtmann became the interim head coach on October 2 when head coach Brandon Miller took a medical leave of absence. As of writing, no date of return for Miller has been announced.