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Rodney Bullock injury: Sophomore forward undergoing tests on severity of injury

Per reports, the sophomore guard may not see the court for the second straight year.

Rob Ostermeier || Daily Press

Providence Friars sophomore forward Rodney Bullock has suffered a knee injury that could prove to be cataclysmic, according to the Providence Journal.

Kevin McNamara reported on October 10 that Bullock, a 6-foot-7 native of Virginia, injured his knee during a Friar practice session and will be out of action for an extended period of time. According to head coach Ed Cooley, tests will be done on the sophomore forward's knee to see if the injury is severe enough to keep him off the court for the entire season.

Bullock had been excelling during summer sessions in Italy, according to McNamara.

Bullock did not play during his freshman season, after being embroiled in a sexual assault case along with Brandon Austin, who had transferred to The University of Oregon, but was later dismissed from the team after being involved in yet another sexual assault case whilst in Eugene. No charges were issued to Bullock after the grand jury involved could not bring sufficient evidence to the table.