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Big East Tip-Off Party Open Thread

Watching the Big East Tip-Off party tonight? Discuss it with us!

Mike Stobe

The wait for the "Big East Tip-Off Party" is over. Tonight on Fox Sports 1, the exclusive home of Big East basketball, Bill Raftery, Rob Stone and Tarik Turner will be visiting every Big East school throughout the broadcast.

FOX Sports 1 - Big East Tip-Off Party (via FOX Sports)

The event starts at 9:00 EST and will run until roughly 11:00 EST.

Things To Expect:

1) Coverage of each school's season celebration.

2) Interviews with every head coach in the league (some via satellite).

3) Hot-Dog eating contests. No, seriously.

4) Performances by Nick Cannon, B.O.B. and possibly Lupe Fiasco. More surprise performances are expected.

5) Scrimmages from both the men and women's teams.

6) Various fun skills contests.

7) #HotSportsTakes

Tune in for what is sure to be a very fun night of Big East madness!