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How Open Were Louisville's Wide Receivers - A Demonstration

Teddy Bridgewater finished Sunday's win over Kentucky having completed 19 of 21 passes for 232 yards. Going into the game, most thought that the biggest mismatch on the field was the Louisville receivers against a relatively new and inexperienced Kentucky secondary. As it turns out, most people were right. Louisville's receivers were open, sometimes really open, for most of the day.

Since it came under new management, I've had the privilege of getting to know almost all of the staff with the Kentucky site, Cats Illustrated. If you're a Kentucky fan, it's well worth the money. Aaron Smith is a staff writer for the site. He was at the game Saturday, I even had a chance to speak with him a little at halftime. Below is a slideshow he put together that illustrates just how open the Louisville receivers were at times. The first catch by Copeland is blanket coverage. Other times, however, there's not a defender within ten yards. A big thanks to Aaron for putting something like this together.