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Big East Coast Bias - Week 1 BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot

Here's the BlogPoll Top 25 ballot submitted this morning on behalf of Big East Coast Bias. Obviously, we had to eat our preseason words on Rutgers and drop them out. I'm hoping that the offense comes alive and we can justify ranking them again later this year. South Florida is probably the best hope for an additional ranked team this season unless Cincinnati also successfully reloads and has another 9 or 10 win regular season. If not, it'll be another one ranked team kind of year for Big East football in 2012

Our ballot is below, please give us your feedback on who you think we have ranked too high or too low, or perhaps a team that we left off that deserves to be ranked. We'll interact with your comments and if you're persuasive, make some ballot adjustments while there's still time.