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Linked Up: News Around SB Nation's Big East Sites

Here's a collection of stories about the Big East as it heads into week 5 of the college football season from three of our best Big East sites.

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It's our first day in our new digs and frankly, we're kinda proud of them. So, indulge me and let me give you a quick guided tour of some of the other SB Nation sites and point you to some of the Big East related content on the other sites that is worth your time tonight.

Five Reasons You Should (Still) Hate Southern Miss - by my good friend and radio partner Mike Rutherford over at Card Chronicle. Many people forget that Louisville and Southern Miss are to one extent or another rivals due to their past conference affiliations. The Cardinals will try and improve to 5-0 for the first time in six years when they travel to Hattiesburg this Saturday night. Nothing would rekindle the fire of the old rivalry like a desperate USM team knocking Louisville off. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Louisville movement from being an independent to being in Conference USA to being in the Big East is the inability to develop true conference rivalries. Rutherford gives Louisville fans a nice reminder why they should still hate their old brethren in Mississippi.

Speaking of the Big East, we, the Big East bloggers of SB Nation, submitted our Big East power rankings after week four of the college football season. The results, as usual, are captured on the UConn Blog. As expected, Louisville remained at the top, but, as was also expected, Rutgers has caught the eye of at least one voter after Louisville snoozed through the FIU game and the Scarlet Knights won on the road over a desperate Arkansas team.

While Rutgers' win over Arkansas was a boost to the Big East, Cincinnati would provide an even bigger one with a win over Virginia Tech this weekend in Landover, MD. The Big East, for the first time since 2006, is shaping up to have a rather definitive top and bottom, rather than a gigantic middle. Louisville, Rutgers, and Cincinnati are undefeated, two are ranked and one is getting votes. If Cincinnati gets by Virginia Tech this weekend, the Big East will likely have three ranked teams and will start drawing comparisons to 2006 when Louisville, Rutgers, and West Virginia were all ranked in the top 10 at one point. With such a big game on the horizon, SB Nation's Cincinnati site, Down The Drive, takes an initial look at Virginia Tech from a Cincinnati perspective.