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Maybe BJ Daniels Is Part Of The Problem And Not Part Of The Solution


We never learn. For three straight years everyone that analyzes college football has expected South Florida to rise to the top of the Big East, mainly based on the idea that quarterback BJ Daniels would finally improve as a passer. After last night's crushing home loss to Rutgers to open the Big East season for the Bulls, rather than asking exactly when BJ Daniels will finally mature into anything more than a glorified running back, it might be time to ask how much longer South Florida can afford to let him play at all.

BJ Daniels has been the South Florida quarterback for 20 Big East games, beginning with the 2009 season through last night's loss. Here's a quick look at his numbers in those 20 games.

  • Daniels has completed just 53.8% of his passes in Big East games (295 of 539).
  • In 9 of 20 Big East games, Daniels has completed 50% or fewer of his passes (three games were 50% exactly, six were under 50%).
  • In 10 of 20 Big East games, Daniels has not thrown a touchdown pass.
  • In 12 Big East games, he's thrown at least one interception.
  • He's only had 7 Big East games where he threw more touchdowns than interceptions.
  • He's thrown two or more interceptions in 7 Big East games.
  • In 14 of 20 Big East games, Daniels has also run with the ball at least 10 times.
  • In those 20 games, South Florida is 7-13 and has yet to finish a season above .500 in Big East play.
Obviously numbers don't tell all of a player or a team's story, but South Florida has so clearly hitched so much of its offense and therefore its hopes, to BJ Daniels, it appears the numbers don't bear out that confidence. The frustrating thing about it for Bulls fans is, Daniels is still likely the best quarterback on the roster. The question then becomes, why has coaching failed to either develop him to an at least competent passer or found a suitable replacement via transfer or the recruiting trail.