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Mondays Are For Trolling

This one is fun, if only because you rarely see anyone pop back at Spurrier. For whatever reason, the Clemson coaches have always enjoyed doing so. Still, it's September and Clemson coaches are responding to something Spurrier said. He remains the master of psychological warfare.

What's great about this one and the Holgorsen one below is the dig at your rival that you beat in week one. I'm not sure Charlie's really one for subtle trolling, but, he did spend a few years with Steve Spurrier, so there's always the chance he actually meant to say that beating in state rival Kentucky really doesn't tell him if his team is good or not. After all, it was Spurrier who, when was asked how he felt about blowing out Kentucky when he was at Florida, said, "It's just Kentucky."

DeLoss is the Steve Spurrier of athletic director trolling. ESPN has College Gamdeday there, it's the national broadcast at 3:30, it was a close, great game. Did DeLoss watch? Nah.

I love you, Dana.