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BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot - Hey, It's Arizona. How Did They Get In Here?

Here's my ballot for the BlogPoll Top 25 after the second week of college football action. A couple of quick notes about where I moved teams.

  • I moved LSU up to #2 because the Tigers are once again ridiculous on defense, but, now also appear to be dangerous on offense. Mettenberger played well and if they have a bona fide passing game, that matchup with Alabama on November 3 should be fantastic (better than the BCS Championship Game at least).
  • I moved Cincinnati up into the top 25 because it looks to me like they've got all the pieces to contend for the Big East title again this year. If Legaux just gets comfortable and because an adequate passer, there's skill position talent galore and the defense was everywhere on Thursday night against Pittsburgh.
  • I moved Notre Dame and Michigan down for struggling with teams I didn't think they should struggle with. I moved Arizona up into the poll for beating Oklahoma State as impressively as it did. Same with UCLA.
So, in the comments below, tell me where I blew it. Perhaps I can make some changes tomorrow before it's final.