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Big East Media Day Player Representatives


ESPN Big East writer Andrea Adelson has obtained the list of players that will represent each of the Big East's eight teams at Media Day on July 31. Each year teams send coaches, athletic department personnel, and a handful of players, typically upperclassmen, to Media Day for interviews and to get their thoughts on the upcoming season. Last year, Louisville players missed a connecting flight due to weather issues and were not able to attend. Still, the ones that did attend were all great representatives of their respective school.

Below is the lsit of players attending per ESPN's Andrea Adelson.


Maalik Bomar, LB

Pat O'Donnell, P

Walter Stewart, DE


Ryan Griffin, TE

Lyle McCombs, RB

Trevardo Williams, DE

Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB


Mario Benavides, C

Daniel Brown, LB

Adrian Bushell, CB

Alex Kupper, OT


Aaron Donald, DE

Ray Graham, RB

Jarred Holley, S


Khaseem Greene, LB

Duron Harmon, S

Mark Harrison, WR

Scott Vallone, DT


Sam Barrington, LB

B.J. Daniels, QB

Evan Landi, TE

Kayvon Webster, CB


Justin Pugh, OT

Zack Chibane, OG

Alec Lemon, WR

Shamarko Thomas, SS

Jay Bromley, DT


Chris Coyer, QB

Marcus Green, DE

Martin Wallace, OT