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BECB Preseason Big East Offensive Teams

In this final week before the beginning of training camps, Big East Coast Bias is counting down the days with the announcements of is preseason awards.

Monday: Preseason Defensive Teams

Tuesday: Preseason Offensive Teams

Wednesday: Preseason Defensive Player of the Year

Thursday: Preseason Offensive Player of the Year

2012 Big East offensives have plenty of returning veterans, which will provide stability, but with many changes coming in the 2013 season, it's anybody's guess who the future face of the conference will be. There are a few underclassmen who have promise. A few of them had great seasons last year and make our list as a result.

2012 BECB Preseason Big East First Team - Offense

QB - Teddy Bridgewater (So), Louisville

RB - Ray Graham (Sr), Pitt

RB - Lyle McCombs (So), UConn

WR - Alec Lemon (Sr), Syracuse

WR - Anthony McClung (Jr), Cincinnati

TE - Ryan Griffin (Sr), UConn

C - Mario Benavides (Sr), Louisville

OG - Chris Jacobson (Sr), Pitt

OG - Adam Masters (Sr) Connecticut

OT - Justin Pugh (Jr), Syracuse

OT - Mark Popek (Sr), USF

PK Maikon Bonani (Sr), USF

2012 BECB Preseason Big East Second Team - Offense

QB - B.J. Daniels (Sr), USF

RB - Demetris Murray (Sr), USF

RB - Jawan Jamison (So) Rutgers

WR - Devin Street (Jr) Pitt

WR - Sterling Griffin (Jr ) USF

TE - Evan Landi (Sr), USF

C - Macky MacPherson (Jr), Syracuse

OG - Zack Chibane (Sr) Syracuse

OG - Jake Smith (So), Louisville

OT - Martin Wallace (Sr), Temple

OT - Kaleb Johnson (So), Rutgers

PK - Ross Krautman (Jr), Syracuse