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Alec Lemon, Mike Shanahan, Devin Street Named To Biletnikoff Award Watch List

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The Biletnikoff Award Watch List was released this morning. The Biletnikoff Award is given annually to honor the best wide receiver. This year's list included three players from the Big East and two from the same team. Syracuse's Alec Lemon and Pittsburgh receivers Mike Shanahan and Devin Street were on this year's watch list. The Biletnikoff watch list is not always the most thorough of lists. Last year, Connecticut's Mike Smith was placed on the watch list despite having been declared academically ineligible the previous June.

We have no objection to Street, Shanahan, and Lemon being on the list. They're leading receivers for their teams and should have good numbers this season. We suspect, however, that by year's end Devante Parker at Louisville, Anthony McClung at Cincinnati, Mark Harrison and Brandon Coleman at Rutgers, and a number of others in the Big East will likely have bigger years. Still, it's a nice recognition for these upperclassmen.

You can view the full list here.