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Welcome Memo To The Boise State Broncos


To: Boise State Broncos Athletics Department

From: A Big East fan

Date: July 1, 2012

Re: Welcome

Welcome to the Big East Conference. I am excited that you’ll be playing football in our conference beginning with the 2013 season, and pleased that you were true to your word and commitment to join the Big East. I'd like to offer a little insight on what to expect as you make the transition.

Be assured that Big East fans know who you are and what you have accomplished on the football field. They know and respect the success that you have earned, the prowess your coach has for winning, and obtaining optimal performances from his players. The Broncos are unquestionably the top non-BCS program in the country. What’s more, they are ahead of many BCS programs. Fans know and are concerned that you are yet to secure a stable setting for your non-football sports. They realize that you probably have questions and apprehension about the change of leadership in the Big East as well as the upcoming television contract negotiations and the amount of revenue you may expect from that agreement.

Big East fans also understand themselves and their conference situation. They are resilient and, for the most part, realistic. They know that the Big East brand of football is not at the same level of competition as the high-profile conferences. Most of the Big East's present teams are not from regions where college football reigns supreme. Fans truly understand the place of the Big East in the ever-changing landscape of college football.

It hurts that the Big East lost some programs that were important members of the conference, and that many observers claim the conference has declined in relevance as a result. Fans recognize that Big East teams always will have many other programs ahead of them in talent and experience in the annual quest for the Waterford Crystal. They have a lot of pride, passion, and commitment nonetheless.

Trust that Big East fans will be watching the Boise State program throughout the upcoming season and cheering for its success. The Broncos will be received in the Big East with respect and enthusiasm. Coaches, players and fans will be eagerly anticipating your arrival and circling the Boise State game date on their calendars when the conference schedule is released next February. Every team will be vying the chance to notch that first conference victory against the Broncos, elusive as it may be. They’ll look forward to playing on the Smurf Turf at Bronco Stadium too, even against the blue uniforms.

Lastly, on a more personal note, I hope that you’ll take pride in your move to the Big East and look to assume a place as a marquee program in the conference. Realize that Big East fans are watching developments eagerly and are confused, and even discouraged, when significant actions or events like the highly anticipated announcement last night are managed in a manner reminiscent of Bob Irsay. I hope that in the future you’ll employ a little fanfare, make public announcements and post timely stories on your website that show you're glad to be a part of the Big East as well as an ambition to be a dominant force in the conference.

Again, welcome. I'm glad your here, and good luck.