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Podcast: Roundtable Discussion On Conference Realignment

Last night, I participated in a roundtable discussion on conference realignment and its impact on the future of college football. The podcast was led by Allen Kenney who writes for the wonderful Bloguin blogs Blatant Homerism and Crystal Ball Run. The panel included me, Senator Blutarsky of the Mumme Poll fame, Michael Felder of the In The Bleachers blog and Bleacher Report, "The Dude of West Virginia" who has made something of a name for himself with the latest FSU/Clemson to the Big 12 rumors, and the moral compass of college football: Matt Zemek of College Football News.

The podcast covers everything from the motivation behind conference realignment, whether or not there's an end game, who stands to gain or lose the most in the various conference shifts, the role of television in dictating influencing conference expansion decisions, and a possible future split of FBS football with the larger programs splitting off or even leaving the NCAA altogether.

Give it a listen, it's surely worth your time if you're a college football junky like me.