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2012 NBA Draft: Connecticut Guard Jeremy Lamb Selected By The Houston Rockets With The 12th Pick

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Tonight's NBA Draft has been unpredictable (after the number one overall pick of Anthony Davis to New Orleans). There were projections all over the place for Connecticut guard Jeremy Lamb, but ultimately he was selected with the twelfth overall pick by the Houston Rockets. Lamb played two seasons for Connecticut was the best player on the court in the national championship game as a freshman in the Huskies win over Butler. As a sophomore, Lamb averaged 17.7 points and 5 rebounds per game in what turned out to be a challenging season for both Jim Calhoun and the team.

The Rockets made several pre-draft moves to stockpile picks. Lamb is one of three first round selections Houston will make tonight, so it will be interesting to see who is drafted along with Lamb to be the nucleus of the team for the future. The Rockets have also been rumored to be seeking a trade for disgruntled Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Lamb could certainly fit in with a dominant low post player like Howard, or could possibly be part of a trade later. Either way he should be a solid NBA wing no matter where he plays.