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Looking Ahead: Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for.

I’ve read those words a few times recently regarding the changes underway in the college football postseason.

Mainly, the phrase was directed toward teams headed into the Big East in 2013. Their hopes, apparently, are destined to come up empty.

Automatic qualifying (AQ) is on its way out; the new television contract will be deficient; the conference is shaky. Take your choice. There’s not a lot of love for the Big East these days.

Why the conference has become a whipping boy is no mystery. Eight months ago teams were lined up to leave…. And three very important ones did.

In the wake of that exodus though, there has been a calm. Temple has come on board for the 2012 season and six more teams are looking forward to doing so next year.

The conference is searching for a new commissioner, and planning for all important TV contract negotiations in September.

The Big East has certainly shouldered criticism. While some of it is fair, much of it has really been piling on. The league has never sought to brand itself as a power conference (in football). It has no delusions, but it should have no inferiority complex either.

Be careful what you wish for, if it’s the demise of the Big East. College football is on the rise, and the Big East will continue to be a participant.