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Report: Florida To Face Georgetown On Naval Ship

I'm on a November.
I'm on a November.

Last year's basketball game between North Carolina and Michigan State on an aircraft carrier off the coast of California was such a hit, the Navy would like to see it happen again, only this time on the east coast. According to ESPN's Andy Katz, sources are telling him that Georgetown and Florida are working out the details to play a game off the coast of Jacksonville, FL in November. He writes:

The Carrier Classic on Veterans Day on the unique calendar date 11-11-11 was a watershed event in college basketball.

Now it has become a full-blown trend. Florida will play Georgetown on a ship off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla. on Nov. 9, confirmed Friday through multiple SEC and Big East sources.

The U.S. Navy has told the two schools that it is fully supportive of this game, much like it was with the Carrier Classic last year, according to multiple sources. The date is a Friday, the closest non-college football or NFL date to Veterans Day.

The Florida-Georgetown matchup is the third game scheduled to be played on a naval ship on Nov. 9, college basketball's opening day. All three games involve a Big East team.

The other Big East teams involved in games like this are Syracuse, which will face San Diego State on an aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego, and Marquette, which will face Ohio State on a ship off the coast of Charleston, SC.