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Saturday Blitz Featuring Big East Football

The Big East has been getting some attention in Pac-12 country this week. Kyle Kensing of Saturday Blitz has been profiling the conference in a series of posts all week.

So far he's weighed in on how Temple stacks up in its return to the conference:

The Owls were not good enough for the Big East, but like a protagonist in a teenage comedy, went away for the summer and came back hot. Al Golden breathed life into the flatlining program, guiding it to nine wins in 2009 and its first bowl appearance since 1979. In fact, over the last three seasons, Temple’s 26 wins stack up favorably with the tops of FBS. Thanks to Golden and the continued work of new head coach Steve Addazio, suddenly Temple is an attractive date for the dance.

the saga of realignment:

The conference’s greatest asset was its Bowl Championship Series affiliation. That was enough to lure TCU and later, BSU. But with the move to a playoff and BCS distinction likely no longer mattering, the ace up the Big East’s sleeve has become a two of clubs.

Nevertheless, those etching the epitaph on the Big East’s tombstone should set the hammer and chisel aside for a moment. The outlook may appear bleak, but there’s reason for optimism.

and Connecticut quarterback carousel:

A foot injury hampering the best quarterback of the last seven years is fitting, because QB play has been the program’s Achilles heel through a largely successful run. Last season’s 5-7 finish under first year coach [Paul] Pasqualoni ended a run of five consecutive bowl appearances. Rushing and defensive play were effective, as has been the case throughout this recent stretch.

With a few more days ahead, may we expect an insight on Rutgers' new unis or the new division configuration?