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How Do Big East Football Facilities Stack Up?

There's a lot of Internet buzz about ESPN's ranking of Big East football facilities by Andrea Adelson with the input of Brian Bennett. Modern and comfortable team facilities are perks for players and coaches, potential persuasion for recruits, and sources of pride for students and alumni. So, they are definitely important to the morale of of a program.

Compared to many college football programs, the Big East typically gets little respect in terms of its product on the field. While I haven't seen many of the facilities around the conference, reports are generally kind in terms of their appeal. The stadiums may be generally on the small size, but there are few who criticize them for much else.

Aside from bragging rights for the a certain football coach ...

... what else does the Big East have to lay claim to in terms of facilities? And how do they contribute to a program's overall success?