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Big East Athletic Directors Endorse On-Campus Conference Championship Game

While they continue to debate various divisional lineups, Kyle Veazey of the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Big East athletic directors today endorsed a plan to play a conference championship football games on campus instead of a neutral site.

Former commissioner John Marinatto had suggested that the Big East look into playing its conference championship game in New York City, but with the change in conference makeup, the conference is now simply too far flung in football to have it in an eastern location or really anywhere central that wouldn't require a great deal of travel for fans. Instead, the ADs opted to reward the higher ranked team with an additional home football game. Currently, the PAC 12 and Conference USA play their conference championship games in the stadium of the higher rated division champion.

The athletic directors considered a number of different proposals today for divisional alignment, and not all of them are geographically based. According to multiple reports, the Big East is considering multiple formats and is seeking additional television partner input to organize divisions in whatever way will maximize potential television value. One model would have the two texas schools in separate divisions and the Florida schools in separate divisions to ensure exposure in both states for the other conference schools.