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Cincinnati Bearcats Season Ticket Promotional Video

Here's one of several promotional season ticket videos that the University of Cincinnati is running. In celebration of 125 years, the Bearcats are selling season ticket packages as low as $125. We're sure to see even more promotional videos from other Big East schools as the season approaches, but the most encouraging part of this video is the fact that Cincinnati is embracing Nippert Stadium.

While it's not a college football cathedral, Nippert is a very unique environment that, like Tony Pike says in the video, can be extremely loud because the fans are directly on top of you. For instance under Brian Kelly, the Bearcats were 16-2 at home from 2007-2009. It was a bit of a shame to see Cincinnati move away from playing its biggest games in it the past two seasons (Oklahoma, West Virginia, Louisville). This year all of the home games are at Nippert and hopefully the Bearcats will again enjoy having a solid home field advantage.

(h/t: Pete Roussel for directing me to the video)