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Big East Begins Annual Meetings

The Big East has begun its annual meeting in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. In attendance are the athletic directors and football and basketball coaches from the conference’s current -- and future – members.

Leading the meetings will be interim commissioner Joe Bailey, who was appointed to the post after the resignation of John Marinatto earlier this month. Bailey, formerly CEO of the Miami Dolphins and VP of Administration for the Dallas Cowboys, was introduced simultaneously with announcement of Marinatto’s departure.

Plainly, Bailey has a football background. While he indicates that he has no intention of seeking the post on a permanent basis, his appointment suggests that Big East presidents wanted a break from the "Providence mold." Basketball may have been the genesis of the league, but football is today’s top revenue and media sport.

The past week has seen the resurgence of realignment talk across the college sports’ landscape. Boise St. recently confirmed its intention to play football in the Big East beginning in 2013, but it has yet to secure a place for its Olympic sports.

FSU is rumored to be moving from the ACC to the Big XII, and the SEC and Big XII recently announced a long-term agreement for their respective conference champions to play in a New Years Day bowl game (if not a part of the national championship playoff scenario).

Each new revelation seems to spawn more activity. It will be interesting to see how proactive the Big East will be under new leadership. This week is a new beginning for the Big East in many ways.