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Boise State Confirms Intention To Play Football in Big East

This week Big East fans enjoyed several days of having the realignment attention focused on the Atlantic Coast Conference and speculation that Florida St. will jump ship for the Big XII Conference.

The hiatus from the rollercoaster of news and emotions was a welcome respite, but our beloved Big East returned to the news today with word from that the Boise St. Broncos confirmed plans to join the conference in the 2013 football season.

The announcement came as the conference begins its spring meeting in Florida this weekend.

According to the Sporting News:

Numerous issues prompted Boise State consider its options.

— Big East commissioner John Marinatto and the league just parted ways.

— The BCS postseason model is being reconstructed and the title automatic qualifying conferences will no longer exist. That means the Big East, which has struggled in the race for championships with deeper conferences, could be at a competitive disadvantage.

— The MWC is expanding, with Utah State and San Jose State announced as the newest members.

— Boise State wanted to house its non-football sports in the Western Athletic Conference. The WAC, however, is taking a hard fall with defections, leaving the entire league—football and otherwise—in jeopardy.

— It isn’t clear how much bargaining power the Big East will have when it's time to renegotiate its television rights deal in September.

On top of that, Boise State would have to pay a $5 million exit fee to leave the Big East, even though it has yet to compete in that league.